Our team leverages proprietary tools, deep industry knowledge, and video to identify the best possible talent for our clients. Whether you are a professional looking to secure your next project or an employer looking for that perfect fit, we can help. opportunities


Cover to Cover

An end to end solution for managing your hiring process. As a managed service provider, Gentis Solutions will implement a vendor management system and act as your hiring agent leveraging our next generation tools and services. more


Supercharge your hiring process by introducing video, fully customizable for each need. Gentis pioneered the use of video to expedite and improve the evaluation and hiring process and has continued to refine and evolve our procedures to benefit our clients.

Affecting The Bottom Line

Gentis led the staffing industry into the digital age by introducing video into the evaluation process. Now, you can benefit from our ever-improving approach producing speed and quality. Gentis Solutions is dedicated to saving you time in hiring the best people and everyone knows—Time and Talent is Money! We count on our talent to provide you the best services in the industry and we want to help you do the same. contact