The work environment has changed in the post-COVID pandemic era. Many people are finding flexibility by being able to work remotely for companies that are far away while their partner is tied to a geographical area. One such person is Brian Monaccio a Software Developer who has worked remotely for most of his career.

When the pandemic hit and most developer jobs became remote, Monaccio did not have to transition to a new lifestyle. Working remotely is a good fit for Monaccio and his partner. “My partner’s industry is very niche, it’s not like she can look for work anywhere,” said Monaccio. Having the freedom to live anywhere and still work at the same job is the biggest benefit said Monaccio, “I just feel like the flexibility is so much greater…the pro of being where I want to be is far greater than the con.”

Gentis has many positions, including developers, that are available for remote work. Click the link below to see all our open positions.

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