Thank you all for a fantastic 2022! Here’s a recap of some of the amazing people we’ve had the privilege to work with this year, be on the lookout for another recap video coming soon!

Dan Moore, CEO – “In a one-on-one conversation…you can get a feel for the sincerity and the skill sets and the nuances of the person.”

Tom Flessor, COO – some clients like the video process so much, that once we’ve screened the candidate…all they have to do is review the video…that’s huge, it cuts the hiring time down for the client probably by half.”

Taylor Maguire, Account Executive – “We’re just different and we’re innovative and we don’t have a traditional approach…I think that’s what Gentis brings to the table…that personalized aspect of things.”

Leah Brown, Controller – “We’re going to bring our personality to the team every single day, we’re going to bring our character to work every single day and we’re going to have fun.”

Rory Brooks, Software Implementation/Application Specialist – She sings a bit for us here 

Jared Smith, Software Developer – “I reached out through my network to everyone I knew who was in the IT field and I asked them what was important to an IT career. Every single one of them said people skills, communication.”

Jensen Eldridge, Talent Acquisition Associate – “It’s definitely been challenging, but like fun, it’s a great environment full of people who aren’t just willing to help, they want to help you.”

Jessica Staffan, Lead Technical Recruiter – “You know how there’s like different love languages? Mine is definitely like gift giving for people.”

Rob Redmond, Account Executive – “It has a small-town feel, but it has everything a big city has…it’s just a lot of fun in this area.”

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