What Is A Staffing Agency?


Staffing can be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to finding the perfect IT workers to keep systems running smoothly. Strong IT candidates are often specialists who also carry an incredible amount of general technical and programming language. A good IT hire can help transform a company and ensure that things remain running smoothly, while a poor hire can have a domino effect.

Hiring technically-inclined IT workers who are competent, capable, and able to adapt is one of the harder hires to make among the work force. This is where Gentis Solutions shines because we understand the importance of being able to line up the right specialist with the right position. Nothing is more frustrating for both the hiring company and the worker being hired.

So what is staffing agency? And how does a staffing agency work? What are the benefits of working with a speialized staffing company? Let’s dive in …

Your Guide to Successful IT-Staffing

Specialty Vs. General Staffing Agencies

While the question of what is a staffing agency can seem easy at first, not all agencies do the same thing and not all of them provide the same level of work. While general staffing agencies definitely have their place, especially when they work to be one of the best in the area, there are certain jobs that you can’t just plug any worker off the street into. Jobs like programming, app development, server admin, general or specific IT all require specific knowledge, skills, and experience.

These aren’t the types of positions where you can just train anyone off of the street. These jobs require special skills that not everyone is going to have. A smart specialized staffing agency will handle those positions the right way by going through talented applicants with very specific questions that help make sure the right set of skills needed for the position are being lined up. No square pegs in round holes!

Understanding this makes a big difference when it comes to successful staffing solutions.

Detail-Based Communication & Clarity

Clear communication throughout the process is important. While not everyone in charge of general hiring is going to have technical knowledge, by talking in person with someone at a staffing agency you will be able to know they take the hiring seriously and they will be able to ask specific questions that help them find a much better fit for the specific job in question.

Being as clear as possible about what skills are needed, what will be expected out of a position, and what the worker will be doing helps recruiters figure out which tech-savvy candidates are properly trained and experienced for the job and which have impressive resumes but do not have the very specific technical skills needed for that open position.

After all, technology is a very broad field. Depending on what systems are being worked on, a server admin for one company may not have the tools or knowledge needed for your specific company’s needs. A specialized staffing agency understands the importance of getting to the core of skills needed and figuring out what the actual solutions all. Since reputation is based on the quality of candidates they put up and how well those candidates are matched to jobs, getting this part right is crucial to their success.

In other words, it creates an ideal buy-in where your success is their success. The better a specialized staffing agency like Gentis Solutions is at making this work, the more likely they are to thrive. Success begets success.

Have Training & Orientation Ready to Go

On the hiring side the key is to have any necessary in-house training and general orientation set from the get-go. This shows the new hire that you are serious, gets them used to how things work in your corporate culture, and really invests them in figuring out what training, support, or help they might need to get fully up to speed for you.

For many workers with specialized tech skills, a really good training and orientation setup makes a good impression compared to many other situations they’ve been thrown into and that can be enough to gain additional loyalty and buy-in from a worker who sees that you are serious about the hire.

Setting up early bonding with co-workers, good relationships with supervisors, and being seen as part of the time right away as opposed to just a temp kept at arm’s length makes it much more likely that the placement will work out and you will get the most effort out of the worker each and every work day. This is a win-win situation for everyone who is involved.

Show Investment in the Hire

Not only will this make the worker far more likely to buy-in and give it their best, but this just creates a good company culture from the get-go and creates a tendency to loyalty that always results in more and better work over the long term.

There was a time where the question of “What is a staffing agency?” was answered as a place to find cheap unskilled labor at a moment’s notice but that definitely is no longer the case. At least not for the companies getting the most out of each and every hire!

Understand the Total Cost Savings

Paying a little bit more for a good hire isn’t an expense: it’s a massive savings. A bad fit not only results in draining money from paying a worker not getting the job done, but subpar work can affect many other areas of your company as well. Especially when looking at technical staff, a problem can easily create a domino effect.

A great technical worker can save you from unnecessary hires, get you more production, and prevent the wasteful spending of yet another round of hiring because the last group couldn’t get the job done.

Why Go with Specialized Staffing?

What is a staffing agency? When they understand your specific needs and work hard to get the best possible workers lined up with open positions they will thrive in, the staffing agency can be your best friend and partner in business.

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