Virtual interviews, live and recorded, have become standard practice, and it has been a cornerstone of Gentis’ candidate evaluation process since 2015. In this video, Beau Phillips, Director of Marketing, and Jake Reynolds, Digital Content Specialist, walk you through a few of the common mistakes they see candidates make and offer tips on how to have a successful virtual interview.

Our top tips:

  • – Make sure your light is coming from behind the camera and in front of you
  • – Using a mobile device? Make sure you’re recording in landscape mode where your phone is sideways and not portrait mode where it is held up and down. Don’t hold your mobile device, instead prop it up at eye level.
  • – Find a quiet area
  • – Be you – above all else, the hiring manager wants to see authenticity when they are evaluating your skills

One of the most important pieces of advice is to simply be you. “If you’re a little bit nervous, it’s okay to be nervous. If you’re funny, it’s okay to be a little bit funny because it’s authentic to you,” says Phillips.

This is an opportunity not a chore. Taking a virtual interview can separate you from other candidates and it can help streamline the process.

Be sure to dress professionally. The questions are mostly from the hiring manager and they are interested in hearing from you. “This is an opportunity for you to sell yourself beyond the piece of paper resume alone,” says Randi Broftt, Director of Sales.

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