The conversation between Nathan Buel and Jensen Eldridge, Lead Corporate Recruiter/Training Manager for Gentis, highlights the effectiveness of video interviews in assessing a candidate’s personality and fit with company culture.

Buel found video interviews to be more personal and effective in showcasing his demeanor and personality rather than just sending a resume or recommendation letter. Eldridge emphasizes the importance of authenticity and allowing one’s personality to shine during the interview. Buel suggests treating the interview as a conversation, being honest, and using personal experiences to show more character. Eldridge agrees, highlighting the need to explain answers in a way that allows the interviewer to know the candidate better.

Buel’s positive experience with the video interview helped him build rapport during his in-person interview and ultimately get the job. Buel’s experience demonstrates the importance of engaging in a conversation rather than simply reciting one’s resume during video interviews to increase the chances of finding the right career fit.

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