When solving problems, it is important to understand the who, what, why, how, and when Senior User Experience Designer Vikram Bendapudi explains. Bendapudi underwent years of education to understand the methodologies that help him solve peoples’ problems.

Your first solution is never your final solution, suggested Bendapudi. “You don’t come up with the solution and then build the road to the solution, you lay the road first and then you get to that destination.”

In his Master’s thesis, Bendapudi attempted to help medical professionals in India, where they speak hundreds of languages, bridge a language barrier. The UX designer, who is from India, wants to solve problems for people.

Bendapudi currently solves very different problems for people working for a retail company, but still applies the same principles. The difference between a good product and a bad product is understanding the context. The problem exists on one end and the solution exists on the other. If you start with the solution and work your way back to the problem, then you may be solving a problem that does not effect real people. Good products often solve problems we all have.

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