A comprehensive talent solution that will help you supercharge the development of your next high performing team.

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Workforce Training

Any technology, any skill level. Gentis Solutions will build curriculums customized to your needs and provide managed training to apt candidates. Protégé participants will learn, demonstrate, test, and if preferred attain industry certifications.

Team Optimization

Evaluating individual behavior in order to understand how to create great teams. Protégé seeks to understand how people work individually, as part of a team, and within your culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

Building a workforce with different gender, ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds and beliefs is an advantage. Protégé will help your organization evaluate, set benchmarks, and create action steps to reach your diversity and inclusion goals.

Evaluating Teams

Gentis Solutions realizes that good teams aren’t only skilled they work together to achieve common goals that one of them on their own could not. Protégé helps us, and our clients, identify how to build good team dynamics in much less time. Using multiple assessments, individuals learn more about themselves and not only help our clients identify who might be a good fit for their teams but it will help those individuals understand the people they work with, become more efficient when working together, and help them achieve their individual goals.

Behavior, Culture, Strengths

Are you an introvert? Intuitive? Are you a peacemaker? Do you trust your gut? What motivates your teammates? Are they goal-driven, externally driven, are you supportive? Protégé provides an overall snapshot of how teams might work together and will even help you understand how two specific people will work together.

Team Dynamics

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