The resume and the future

In 1482, Leonardo Da Vinci sent the first resume.  With a world moving towards a elaborate digital connections to every product, service, and relationship, why are your accomplishments still on paper?

History of the resume

  • 1482 - Da Vinci writes the first professional resume
  • 1500 - A travelling English Lord offers a handwritten letter of introduction to acquaintances and calls it his resume
  • Resumes become an institution
  • 1930 - Resumes were just formalities. Most wrote them on scraps of paper over lunch with employers
  • 1940 - Resumes are like Facebook profiles. They include weight, age, height, marital status, and religion
  • 1950 - Resumes are no longer just formalities, they are now expected
  • 1960 - Resumes start to include outside interests like sports and clubs
  • The digital age
  • 1970 - Digital typesetting and word processors make resumes more professional and marketable
  • 1980 - The first VHS portfolios are recorded and used. Books on resumes and career counseling boom
  • 1985 - Online background checking begins
  • 1986 - Microsoft releases an RTF universal doc
  • 1987 - Enter, fax machines -- the new, cool way to send resumes
  • 1994 - The Internet and World Wide Web go public. goes live, and CareerBuilder is founded
  • 1995 - Email is the new, cool way to send a resume
  • 2000 - Dot Com boom hits full stride
  • 2003 - LinkedIn launches
  • 2006 - Video resumes pick up and more and more high school students begin sending them to colleges
  • 2007 - Video begin to sporadically hit YouTube
  • 2008 - Social Media enters the picture, LinkedIn dominates employment and networking
  • 2015 - Gentis Solutions launches. Providing clean professional video introductions of talented people to Enterprise Clients.
  • 2016 - Gentis Solutions marries high volume talent needs of the fortune 100 to talent through a modern, intuitive, and beautiful web and mobile enabled interface.
  • 2016 - Gentis Solutions opens its Vendor Management Services division, focusing on helping Enterprise Clients implement next-generation technology solutions to their Workforce Augmentation needs.