Gentis Solutions, a technology and staffing company based in Covington, Kentucky, has prioritized video over resumes in its recruitment and hiring process. “If I can get a candidate to talk to me on video, and make it short enough, quick enough, and easy enough for the customer to watch, surely it has to be better than reading a resume,” says Gentis Solutions founder and CEO, Daniel R. Moore.

Video interviews provide hiring managers with a superior means of evaluating a candidate’s personality, communication skills, and knowledge, overcoming the constraints of depending exclusively on a resume. Gentis started using this approach with their largest customer, and their customer was so impressed with the process that video interviews became mandatory for all 40 of their staffing agencies.

The use of video technology in recruitment and hiring is still relatively new, but Gentis Solutions has been at the forefront of this trend for years. By prioritizing video, they can help companies find the right candidates and ensure that they don’t miss out on great potential employees.

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