In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, Monique Little stands out as a symbol of determination, driven by her unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles. Little has a passion for strengthening networks and understands the importance of navigating challenges in her field. Little’s expertise goes beyond technical skills; she has worked hard to develop her abilities in writing, communication, and resourcefulness, recognizing their equal importance in achieving success.

The cybersecurity professional finds excitement in investigating vulnerabilities and anomalies, fully aware that the path to discovery is seldom easy. For Little, the essence of her mission is to find and share information that empowers others – navigating through vast amounts of data, never giving up until she reaches the very core.

In the past, some may have seen Little’s curiosity as disruptive, considering her a “squeaky wheel” for asking too many questions and challenging the norm. However, in the realm of cybersecurity, this quality is not only encouraged but essential. The field thrives on an insatiable curiosity and a steadfast dedication to acquiring knowledge. Reflecting on her journey, Little explains, “My inquisitive nature has finally come in for good and not the squeaky wheel bad.”

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