Meet Hailie Newman, an accomplished sales professional and native of Northern Kentucky.

Newman carved out a successful career in the fashion and retail industry starting in New York City, moving to South Florida and finally ending up in Columbus, OH, before changing careers and moving back home to join Gentis Solutions.

Newman always knew that she would one day move back home. It just made sense. Then after having their son, the new mother and her husband, Josh, wanted to be closer to family and Gentis Solutions Sales Director, Randi Brofft, was able to offer them the perfect opportunity to satisfy her professional curiosity.

However, there are questions when taking a leap and moving to change careers, even when it is to a familiar place. Thought Newman, am I going to be able to start a career in a completely different field? Will I be able to sell my house? Who will be our Dentist?

Despite the questions, she was still curious. Her father’s fault. While growing up, Newman witnessed her father succeed during his sales career, which always interested the young Northern Kentucky kid, in search of what she wanted to do. She thought her future would be in the fashion industry, but after eight years in it, she was still interested in sales. That curiosity, the opportunity at Gentis and the desire to move nearer her family eventually drove her to take the plunge and commit to a new career path.

Fast-forward two years, and Newman is responsible for landing, nurturing and managing one of Gentis’ fastest growing clients, a client that was responsible for much of the company’s overall growth in the fourth quarter of 2020.

To find out more about Hailie Newman or to work with her, you can find her on LinkedIn or email her at

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