There are always new things to learn – even if you have extensive experience. Meet Genny Little, Director of Business Development, who shares her passion for meeting and training new people. Little developed the Gentis University Training Series (GUTS) to help train new associates to accelerate their achievement as recruiters with Gentis.

Our first program had four new associates and it was a great success Little says. The new associates asked great questions, including some questions Little did not have the answers to. While researching the questions, and learning herself, Little realized that there is something special about learning with other people. Little especially enjoys teaching people that have not been in the industry before and are hungry for all the potential success. “It’s something I became very passionate about. Something that I really enjoy doing,” said Little.

Since the initial GUTS program, Little has trained many new associates. Gentis’ team continues to grow. If you would like to join us, click the link below to apply.

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