Matt Stubbeman got into the IT field because of his mom’s programming skills and his dad’s car knowledge. They used to take him to computer stores and work on car projects together, which had a big impact on him. His journey shows that personal connections, unexpected opportunities, and amazing chances help us become the people we’re meant to be.

Stubbeman’s path into the IT field is connected to his mom’s programming skills. She had been a computer programmer since the 1980s, making programs with terms like “if/or” and “and/or.” When he was young, Matt was fascinated by his mom’s dedication to this field. In 1992, she took him to Micro Center to buy a $3,000, 256-megabyte graphics card for gaming, which made him even more interested in technology.

Matt has a special bond with his dad, who influenced his love for cars and how they work. Since his dad is a mechanic, Matt grew up around cars and even worked on rebuilding projects, four Mustangs in particular. Doing these projects together created a strong connection between father and son, and they shared important moments and lessons that meant a lot to them.

Stubbeman’s journey into the IT field shows how personal experiences, family connections, and unexpected chances all played a role. His mom’s programming influence and his dad’s mechanical skills were important factors in his unique path. Matt’s story, filled with funny moments, memories, and a positive attitude, teaches us that life can take us to different places, shaping who we are along the way.

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