Changing things is usually hard, and lots of people don’t enjoy it. Meet Holly Neal, who explains how she helped folks who were used to doing things the same way for a long time, to be okay with new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Holly was hired to lead a new approach to work at the Kentucky Career Center – and to make it distinct from its previous identity as the “unemployment office.” This involved more than just a name change; it meant altering how the center operated and what it sought to achieve. Neal’s efforts to transform the center’s image were important in starting fresh.

One of the ways Neal changed how people saw government services was by taking part in events and meetings. She used symbols and colors to show what the new center was like, kind of like giving the inside a fresh look. Neal knew that if the workers believed in the changes, the people they helped would start to believe too. People started to think of the Kentucky Career Center as an exciting and helpful place, not a boring one. Neal’s efforts made people feel better about the government.

Holly Neal’s experience at the Kentucky Career Center shows us that even major changes can occur when we have a leader who believes in them. She guided the center and its workers to understand the good things about change – when we have the right mindset and put in the effort, we can create an impact and bring good changes to our communities.

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