Lisa Albrecht has worked with many recruitment firms both as a candidate and a hiring manager, but until she met Gentis Solutions’ Justin Kinnett her experiences were not positive. “Working with Justin shocked me,” Albrecht said. “He felt like those friends that are connectors…”

Albrecht was not looking for a job when Kinnett initially reached out, a fact that led to her being able to share one of her favorite things about the interview process. “During the hiring process, one of my favorite moments was when one of the hiring managers asked me, ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ What was really great is that I could say; well, I wasn’t. Justin reached out to me with this incredible opportunity, and he says great things about you and that made me interested,” Albrecht said.

It was Justin advocating for Kroger and the Gentis team advocating for the Austin, Texas native that helped Albrecht land what according to a post she shared on LinkedIn is her dream job; “If you’re curious about how I found my dream job at Kroger Technology & Digital… it all started with Justin Kinnett and Gentis Solutions.”


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