Meet Jared Smith, Software Engineer, who has been working on Linux systems for many years. In this video, Smith discusses some of the pros and cons of using Linux.

“Everything that you hear about Linux is true. All the good stuff is true. All the awful stuff is true,” says Smith.

For servers, Linux is number one because it has an unparalleled level of control over the computer. It is fast, stable, and lightweight. For desktops and laptops, there are audio problems, wifi problems, and display driver problems, especially if you are using a newer graphics card.

The level of control is desirable in his personal pc gaming rigs, but unfortunately, this is where the bad comes in. Linux systems have difficulty with newer peripherals until drivers are created that do not require a windows-based system. This has forced Smith to convert back to windows for his gaming rig.

Smith views using Linux for a personal computer as akin to a hobbyist mechanic who wants to tinker with a car all the time. And just like the experiences of a person working on a vehicle all the time, it can turn awful very quickly. “The fact that you can do many things…in a lot of cases means you have to do a lot of things…that the proprietary OS’es handle for you,” says Smith.

We would love to hear about your Linux success and/or failure stories. Please share with us.

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