In a world where leadership is often defined by delegation and authority, James Weeks discovered the profound significance of compassion.

As Weeks discussed his management style, he reflected on a significant conversation with his boss regarding the potential need to layoff members of his team. However, their discussion was interrupted by an urgent medical matter that demanded the immediate attention of a Father whose 17-year-old son was in need of a Liver transplant. Understanding the situation, Weeks’ boss demonstrated exceptional understanding, and a genuine concern for his well-being as an individual.

This extraordinary display of leadership left a lasting impact on Weeks, who continues to model this type of leadership years later. “Since then, I have endeavored to emulate the same behavior, both during that time and in subsequent experiences. I strive to prioritize the well-being of others, treating them as human beings, just as my boss did,” Weeks said.

Suggesting, one way to lead effectively is to manage with empathy and compassion as opposed to intractably with indifference.

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