In the constantly changing professional world, people often find themselves taking on different responsibilities while holding the same job. Jared Smith’s experience reflects this reality, as he transitioned from sales to computer networking, and finally to programming. His journey demonstrates how embracing new opportunities can lead to professional transformation. In this video, Smith talks about the difficulties he encountered, the opportunities for growth and learning in the various roles he has performed during his career.

Smith’s professional history initially centered on sales and managing sales teams. Although he achieved success in this field, he didn’t feel fulfilled. Realizing the need for a change, he decided to broaden his skills by enrolling in a computer networking program. Captivated by the complex world of coding, Smith chose to change his main area of study to computer science, establishing the foundation for a gratifying transformation in his career.

At the Department of Transportation, Smith’s role demanded versatility and adaptability. He swiftly became involved in an array of responsibilities, encompassing the development of web applications, server administration, DevOps work, and even introducing the use of Git, a popular version control system. Smith’s competency in various roles showcased his talent and pushed him to reach new levels of expertise and skill.

After refining his abilities and seeking new horizons, Smith became a part of Gentis, where he embarked on an exciting adventure consulting for Kroger. Now as a full-time employee with the grocery giant, Smith has taken charge of a significant project – the development of a large-scale system.

Smith’s story showcases the potential that can come from embracing multiple roles within a single position. His path, starting from sales and transitioning to computer networking and programming, showcases the boundless opportunities that await individuals who are open to wearing different hats.

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