Sometimes, even if you work from home, it’s important to keep your work and personal life separate. This helps you stay healthy. In this video, James Weeks teaches us that making clear rules to keep work from filling up all our time is important. If we don’t make these rules, we might end up working so much that we forget to enjoy life.

“You have to put real guard rails in your life, or you never stop working,” says Weeks.

Weeks tells us that our work stuff and personal stuff can get mixed up, especially when we use phones and computers too much. Weeks suggests that when we’re at home, we should focus completely on the people we love. This is because sometimes we can’t stop thinking about work even when we’re with our family.

James Weeks’ story is useful for everyone. He teaches us that work is necessary, but spending time with family and looking after ourselves is just as vital. If we create simple rules about when to work and when to relax, we can find a better balance between our jobs and our lives.

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