Do you attribute your success to luck rather than your own abilities and work ethic? Have you ever felt like a fraud at work and had the sinking feeling that you don’t have the right to be there? Meet Monique Little who shares her experiences of not being fair with herself and how that led to imposter syndrome.

For Little, she felt overwhelmed with thoughts of all she did not know and what she needed to learn. “I don’t even know why you got yourself into his situation, because you can’t do this,” thought Little. It is important to focus on what you know and what you do well, Little says. Focusing on all of the things you need to learn becomes overwhelming.

A TEDtalk by Brené Brown, ‘The Power of Vulnerability,’ helped Little. In the viral video, Brown talks about living wholeheartedly by being vulnerable. To be vulnerable, you are going to have to ask for help Little says. “As soon as imposter syndrome tells me I can’t, I gotta shut that down. As long as I continue to believe it, then I can do it.”

Stay tuned for more features where Little discusses her professional journey and what she is doing to continue growing her skillset.

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