The Essentials Of Employee Retention

Any time an employee resigns, it brings a toll on your business. This is especially so if the employee was one of the most talented members of your team. Besides, whenever a talented person chooses to leave your company, it leaves the other employees curious. Some of them may even start thinking of getting new jobs. One of the most challenging tasks employers face is being able to retain their workforce. At a time where highly skilled employees are on-demand, it requires extra effort from the management to ensure that the employees are happy and contented with their job. Failure to this, your business will experience a high turnover, which is uneconomical in the long run. Any time an employee leaves, you have to invest more resources into hiring a new team. If you want to maintain your business without incurring any extra costs, retaining talent is of the utmost concern. You also have to remember that your employees are your most valuable business asset. Once you are able to take good care of them, you don’t need to worry about losing your employees. Below are strategies for retaining top talent in your business.

Your Guide to Successful Employee Retention

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Create The Right Job Culture

One thing that matters when it comes to retaining employees is creating the right job culture. Start by creating an environment that attracts your employees and makes them feel like they belong. This is why company culture is essential. It all starts with management. Form a company culture that is inclusive and allows the employees to form strong bonds among themselves. They should also feel free to interact and discuss new ideas with the people at the top as this creates a healthy environment. Another thing to keep in mind is that the company culture you create should match the type of employees you hire, whether it is a laid back atmosphere or a strict workplace.

Hiring The Right Employees

The issue of retaining employees depends on the hiring process. If you can screen candidates well and pay close attention to their intentions, you may be able to differentiate the serious employees from job hoppers. During the recruitment process, it is vital to find someone who is genuinely interested in your company and is willing to grow your company as opposed to just getting experience and leaving at their convenience. You can be able to determine a serious candidate by the way they carry themselves and how they answer the questions during the interview. Emphasize on hiring selectively from the beginning. As much as academic excellence and skills are important, consider other skills such as patience, integrity, and diligence.


As a company, you have to be willing to develop the skills of your employees through constant training. By training the employees, you are building their portfolio while making them feel valued at the same time. Motivated employees will go above and beyond to produce results because they feel valued by the company. You will find that they are even able to meet the targets you have set easily and within the required time. Don’t be mean to your employees and fail to provide them with training because they might interpret this as a lack of care from your side. Apart from offering training, you could also opt to provide them with education opportunities or tuition reimbursements. You could even choose to partner with a learning institution that provides professional programs to the employees. As long as it is something that develops the employees and provides a path to advancement, the employees will appreciate it. A focus on education and acquisition of new skills, technologies, and processes are among the top ways to retain employees in your organization.

Offer Job Previews

Failure to offer accurate job previews is one of the reasons why new employees slack when they get the job. This is because when they were applying for the job, they had a different understanding of the role they were supposed to do but find that their new role is not what they expected. This results in low job satisfaction. It is important for you to give applicants a realistic job preview during the recruitment. Let them know what to expect beforehand so that they may be on the same page as you. It is also good to conduct a job analysis because jobs do change over time. Once the employees understand their job duties, you need to continually produce reports of how they are performing in their duties. This will help the employees do their roles right and even making improvements in areas where they need to. If the employees are performing their duties well, ensure you acknowledge and appreciate them as this will motivate them.


Remuneration is a crucial factor that determines the rate of employee turnover in your organization. One thing that you should know is that employees will always look for a better paying job. The only way to beat that is to offer excellent compensation and other additional perks. Otherwise, if they are overworked and underpaid at the same time, they will look for greener pastures. If your business is performing well, once in a while, give your employees a bonus. If the company is not doing well, and the budgets are tight, ensure you calculate the cost of replacing employees. If you determine that the cost of replacing employees is more expensive, find other strategies to compensate them, if the business is not doing well. If you want to retain most of the profit, you could offer to give them some shares instead. Apart from remuneration, note that the benefits package also matters. Some of the other things you could incorporate include extensive healthcare coverage and paid sick leave. It is the small things that matter. Don’t undermine something as simple as paid sick leave because it can be a big deal to some employees.

Choosing to invest in your employees is one of the best decisions you will ever make. They will be at the forefront fighting for your business. They will do their jobs diligently and put your business on the map. Don’t neglect those employees, and you won’t have to worry about losing your most talented workforce.

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