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Utilize our Relationships
Your Career Advocate
We Provide Benefits & PTO

Are you Hiring?

Save Time
Leverage our Experience w/ Video
Enjoy the Convenience

Job Hunting?

Utilize our Relationships
Your Career Advocate
We Provide Benefits

Are you Hiring?

Save Time
Leverage our Experience
Enjoy the Convenience

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Monique Little
"The thing that I remember the most is that you didn't place me at Cadre and drop me. You talked with me through the entire process, even the day that I was running late, and was terrified... That's when I realized she wasn't just my recruiter or just somebody that placed me at this job."
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Andy Ford
"My experience with Gentis is that I don't really get that feeling that I'm on my own. That's the reason contracting was so unappealing to me. I kind of want a little team around me. I've been nothing but happy with my experience, and I think I've told my wife like 10 times, I've been blown away by the care that Gentis has given me through this whole process."
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Brian Monaccio
"At first I really didn't know what to think, just because the position he reached out to me about required a lot more experience than I had. The whole time he reassured me that he thought I was qualified and that we should take a shot... The first impression in an interview is really crucial. Felt good about it, heard back really quickly, and actually got another interview with a different team the next day... There weren't many times where I felt like I was in control of my career, and so having two different teams want me was a really big boost of confidence."
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Eric Clancy
"It made it easier for myself because she was doing the negotiations. She was fighting for it and she got what I wanted so--there we go."
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Matt Stubbeman
"I mean, there's not much to say. They were fantastic!"
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About Gentis

Staffing & Talent Solutions.

Family Owned, People Powered.

About Gentis

Staffing and Talent Solutions.

Family Owned, People Powered.

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