In May, Gentis Solutions traveled to the Statewide Career Fair at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando to speak with young talent joining the information technology industry and discovered seasoned talent interested in advancing their career as well.

“We connected with over 50 candidates during the two-day event and are excited to get a chance to help them kick-start their careers,” said Beau Phillips, a Gentis representative that participated in the event at UCF’s Addition Arena.

Connor, who graduates this month with a B.S. in Computer Science, already has nearly two years of work experience and is proficient in C, JavaScript, and JQuery, Java, VBA and Python.

George has more than 15-years experience as a software engineer, programmer, and developer. He has worked for companies like Cisco and Triad and has a litany of skills including proficiency in SQL Server, Visual, C#, .Net, VB.Net, C++, IBM Mainframe, COBOL and much more.

“It was a great event and we met a lot of talented people that ranged in experience,” Phillips said, “It is especially fun to meet so many young people as they are in the first stages of their career and excited about what is to come.”

Gentis Solutions Casey Underwood (L) speaks with Statewide Career Fair Attendee during an event on May 8 at University of Central Florida’s Addition Arena.

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