Evaluation & Video Screening Service

Find and hire the best talent using video interviews, and you can meet your candidates before actually meeting your candidates. It's better than a resume, fully customizable video interviews and testing allows you to evaluate candidates based on their demonstrated abilities instead of just their stated skills.

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Virtual & Convenient

Meet candidates by reviewing their video interview at your convenience, anywhere on any device. Candidate videos are accessible via a job page in your password-protected talent portal on our website.

People Powered

Gentis powers its candidate evaluations with subject matter experts and experienced talent assessors. Take advantage of our industry-leading experience in spotting the best talent for your business.

Customizable Screens

Video prescreens are tailored to your needs. Combining your needs with our experience and resources will result in a screening process that will find talent best suited for your company and culture.

Helping Hiring Managers Reclaim Their Time


On average clients hire 14 days faster when using Gentis screening services


We will eliminate up to 40% of candidates that are unqualified

Your Talent Portal

Gentis’ Screening and Evaluation service provides its clients with a comprehensive, password protected candidate profile to view and evaluate the best people for your positions. Your candidates will be organized by open position, with the newest candidates appearing at the top of your queue. We can also customize this page to contain any information you need to make your decisions.

Any worker, any skill level

We can screen your technical and non-technical positions with our tested processes and fit them into your systems and workflow or create a new one. We have experience screening candidates as an initial step for those that want to speed-up their hiring timelines, and crafted screening processes to help companies hire directly from video interviews. Whatever your process, we can custom build your hiring solution.

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Your Talent Portal

Video & Evaluation Services Pricing

Video Screening & Evaluation Service solutions are customized for each client. All pricing details are based on previous customer models. Contact any of our sales associates to design a custom Video & Evaluation Solution for your hiring needs today! Pricing models can be per video or percentage based.

Video Evaluator

  • Priced per video
  • Volume Discounts up to  40%
  • Customized prescreen created for each open position
  • Candidate Guidance: Video completion assistance
  • Shareable links to send to your candidates
  • Delivery Flexibility

Between $60 – $100 per video depending on volume

Video Plus

  • Dedicated Preliminary Candidate Review & Video Team
  • Dedicated Client Service & Quality Control Manager Available
  • Customizable level of partnership and integration into client software and services
  • Candidate Guidance: Video completion assistance
  • Subject Matter Expert Review Available
  • Customized prescreen created for each open position
  • Shareable links for candidates
  • Candidate Delivery Flexibility

Custom Client Solution pricing vary depending on selected options

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