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Alexis F.

Transportation Routing Specialist
Alexis is a dedicated and experienced Logistics Supervisor and intern with a proven ability to produce exceptional results. She is an exceptional leader who proficiently worked autonomously and as a member of a team, both in the Army and as an intern. During her time in the Army, Alexis successfully mastered two different SAP-based Logistics programs, and proficiently managed her subordinates. She will be a great asset to the KTC team.

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Toni M.

Human Resources Director
Toni is a Human Resource professional with over 9 years of experience in managing employee benefits, payroll, compliance, hiring, onboarding, and performance management. She believes in strong relationship-building and effective collaborating with management, coworkers, vendors, and clients.

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Gregory Phillips

Transportation Logistics Specialist
Gregory has over three years of experience in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. In his most recent role, he was responsible for logistics at Nissan. This included various responsibilities, many of which were international. Gregory is looking forward to this opportunity and believes he would be an asset due to his analytical capabilities and overall communication within a team environment.

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Hannah H.

Hannah is a motivated sales and marketing professional looking for a company that she can grow with. She has been supporting technology solutions for the last two years and wants to continue on that path. She has worn multiple hats in all of her roles and is not shy from taking on challenges. She is a fast learner and a strong communicator. Her thirst for learning and being a team member are excellent skills for a sales professional.

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Eric Cholewa

Transportation Logistics Specialist
Eric’s skillset includes Identifying and solving problems surrounding freight products and loads rapidly while keeping communication transparent with customers. He easily creates lasting relationships with customers. Eric has scheduled and dispatched freight while staying in compliance with the laws from state to state. He will be able to hit the ground running and is available immediately.

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