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Cedric S.

Mechanical Engineer
Cedric is an experienced Mechanical Engineer. Responsible for analyses, design and implementation of various HVAC, control and automation engineering changes for various buildings, structures and components. Provided project management support, field presence, quality assurance, and coordination of various multidisciplinary projects.   He has extensive experience designing components of chassis, fuel tank and various components of the body as needed.

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Rochelle R.

Senior Engineer R&D
Rochelle is a mechanical engineer with 5+ years of experience. Currently, for Chrysler, she held various roles under multiple brands. Under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles umbrella, she served in capacities such as Powertrain Thermal Management, Product Quality Engineer, Assembly Plant Resident Engineer, and more. Rochelle is skilled in NX 9, Google Suite, GIMS, and Chrysler’s proprietary diagnostic program. She is eager to learn additional diagnostic programs and willing to travel as much as needed.

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Rian E.

Senior Engineer R& D
Rian is a highly experienced lead engineer that led in the development of the controls and calibration of Ford’s first high volume production hybrid pickup truck. His engineering experience has given him great exposure to all three areas software, electrical, and mechanical.

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Carl S.

Mechanical Engineer
Carl is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. As an engineer, at General Motors, he designed/developed electro-mechanical and hydraulic brake systems. Carl developed more than 60 automotive brake components and product assemblies for high volume domestic production. Through a promotion, Carl was responsible for the “ABS-VI” Antilock Braking System Assembly used with Asian/Pacific/European customers.

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Steve G.

Horsefly Embedded Systems Engineer
Steve is local to Cincinnati OH. He has 20+ years as an Embedded Systems Engineer. Experienced development engineer with a variety of technical skills and a broad background in software, hardware, and test engineering. Extensive experience working with customers and design teams.

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Jonathan P.

Mechanical Engineer
Jonathan is a Mechanical Engineer experienced working in solid works, various CAD programs, and finite element analysis.

Timothy D.

Director of Engineering
Timothy has 16+ years of work experience in the automotive industry where a majority of the time he was with Ford Motor Company.
6+ years of his experience was directly involved with hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

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