Developer III - Fullstack - 1007

The ideal candidate will work closely with multiple Software Engineering teams to design, develop and enhance the company’s content management system (CMS).

Russell T

Russell T is a full stack developer with over eight years of experience. A Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Russell currently works at Bayer. Russell has built applications using JavaScript, React/Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, and API development.

Gabriel S

Gabriel, who is currently employed at Lexmark International, is a full stack developer with seven years of relevant experience. He has built applications with React, Vue, Node/Express, Restful APIs, Microsoft Graph APIs, Azure, Apache Derby, and MongoDB. Gabriel scored a 90 on the code test.

John S

John has over 10 years of development experience. He has used JavaScript, React, Node, MongoDB to build web applications. He also has AWS Cloud experience. He scored 90% on the code test.

John H

John has over 17 years of development experience. He has used JavaScript, React, Node, and RESTful API’s to build web applications. He also has Azure, AWS, and DevOps experience. He has a great personality and soft skills. He scored 87% on the code test.

Dan B

Dan has over 13 years of development experience. He has used JavaScript, React, Node, and worked on RESTful API’s on the backend. He is an excellent communicator and will fit in with any productive work environment.

Dan B. needed improvement on his first code challenge but verbally displayed a strong understanding of the problem in his video. He did well on the second code challenge. Dan scored 75% on his code test.

Position Information

Required Skills, Experience and Education

  • 5+ or more years experience with JavaScript and web development.
  • 3+ years experience with modern web stacks using ReactJS.
  • 2+ years experience with NodeJS building backend services.
  • Experience with DevOPs, TDD, and the SOLID principles.
  • B.S, M.S, or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, or other technical field. Alternatively, an excellent open-source contribution history (used in applications) or demonstrably relevant professional experience (source code/samples/project repositories preferred)

Other Relevant Job Requirements

Current Tools and Technologies
HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript ES6 / ES2015+, Typescript, React and Redux, Webpack, Node.js, MongoDB, VS Code, IntelliJ, GIT, Gitlab, TeamCity,JIRA, Confluence, MS Teams

Position Duties
Follows established architecture patterns and practices used throughout the product software stack. Offer suggestions to improve and minimize technical debt. Solve critical defects both in production and test/stage environments. Works with QA team to support automated functional testing. Worked in an Agile and SCRUM environment. Experience working with an engineering team of 5 or more. Work with outside teams to adapt and support product use and adoption.