Engage the Candidate

Make Offer

We have a simple Workflow procedure for onboarding candidates. The last stage in that procedure is the Offer stage. This is where you close the deal and hire or contract the candidate. The system will prompt you to pick who the offer should be emailed to (Vendor or Candidate), whether to attach an official Offer Letter, establish a Start Date, and offer a Pay Rate. These are then emailed to the appropriate parties and those parties are provided the ability to accept, reject, or even haggle; all of which is tracked and cataloged in the system for tracking purposes.

Managing Placements

In the Direct Hire business, a Placed Candidate has very little follow-up. However, in the Workforce Contingent arena, you have to track numerous things after the Placement. Our software has features such as Contracts Management, Time & Expense Tracking, and Extensions. Extensions are handled simply by editing the Placements record visible on the Job Requsition for a Placement.

Time & Expense

Time & Expense modules support data import via excel as well as direct employee/contractor time entry. Both sources are visualized in the system in a number of useful ways including off the main action bar on the left, on the Job Requisition for that Placement, and finally on the customized Vendor Company Page.

Vendor Company Pages

If you are using third party vendors, our software provides a collaboration point for those Vendors (think homepage) where all Placements, Submissions, Contracts, Time, Notes, and Shared Documents can be collaborated on.