James Weeks, Senior Applications Manager, shares his perspective on startup culture in the latest edition of Brain Food. Although startup culture is often linked with chaos, it can be a great environment for individuals who embrace unpredictability.

Weeks explains, “Startup culture is chaos – and I don’t mean that in a bad way – it depends on your viewpoint. If you want to be involved in everything and have your hands in every aspect of the business, then a startup culture is a great place to be.”

Compared to a traditional corporate environment, individuals in a startup wear multiple hats instead of being confined to a specific role or department. This enables exploration of various areas of the business, development of one’s strengths, and identification of a niche. Failure in a startup is regarded as a learning opportunity that permits reassessment and pivot, as well as encourages risk-taking and experimentation, even if mistakes occur.

Weeks himself found the chaotic work and environment of a startup to be enjoyable, stating, “It was a great thing that led me to enjoy a chaotic work and chaotic environment – I like that.” For those who welcome the challenge, a startup culture provides an excellent opportunity to discover yourself and build a fulfilling career.

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