Individuality – How do you express yours? At Gentis, we think being who you are at work makes you better at your job. Meet Jensen Eldridge, Talent Acquisition Associate– who also happens to have a ‘piercing in the middle of her face.’

Coming from a previous job that had strict rules about piercings and tattoos, Eldridge was hesitant to wear her nose ring at work. A couple of months into her role with Gentis, Eldridge forgot she had her nose ring visible when she showed up to the office. Upon seeing her piercing, Eldridge’s co-workers encouraged her to be comfortable and to be herself – which includes wearing her nose ring.

“Definitely felt a little bit more comfortable in my own skin after that,” said Eldridge.

Stay tuned for more features where Eldridge talks about her journey from college to the recruiting space, and how she uses what she has learned but makes it her own.

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