Full Stack Developer

Duos Technology

This position is a multi-faceted role combining production-oriented engineering as well as assisting in the direction of the technology infrastructure. Responsibilities include designing, developing, and implementing proprietary applications within the LAMP and WAMP stack.

Dan W. (Testimonial)

Dan discusses his time working as a consultant with Gentis Solutions during a pandemic. Dan W. is a support analyst in the Nashville, TN area.

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Michael M.

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Michael is a full-stack engineer in the Cincinnati, OH, area.

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Position Information

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 7+ years of development experience
  • 5+ years of PHP development – Zend or Yii frameworks
  • 3+ years Agile Development
  • 5+ years of SQL
  • 5+ years web application servers (Tomcat, IIS, etc.)
  • 3+ years JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • 3+ years of experience in LAMP or WAMP stack
  • 2+ years experience leading a development team (PHP preferred)
  • Familiarity with other back end languages like C#, C, C++
  • Understanding of real-time application with both server push and pull architectures
  • Experience with other web technologies, platforms, and programming languages a plus
  • Self-motivation, strong ability to lead multiple software developers

Position Duties:

  • Lead and supervise our team of software developers
  • Assist in leading aspects of the company’s technological development
  • Independently analyze and solve complex problems
  • Ability to set priorities and manage multiple projects simultaneously on tight deadlines
  • Work in a consultative fashion with other department heads, such as production and operations as an advisor of technologies that may improve product and systems efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify technology trends and evolving social behavior that may support or impede the success of the business
  • Develop and manage agile methods for improved Software Development, Lifecycle (SDLC), write PRDs, and extensively document all software development efforts
  • Define software modules and their interoperability with third-party applications
  • Develop visualization tools for software developers and non-software development staff to better understand the objectives of the software development process
  • Interact with customers to assess requirements for program expansion and maintenance
  • Develop cost assessment regarding the implementation of internal and external processes and customers
  • Develop and implement program bridge strategies to link back-end process software (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and SQLite database systems) with front-end software application programs
  • Develop web-based applications in LAMP (Apache) and WAMP environment using the Yii and Zend frameworks.
  • Ability to integrate software with multiple third-party devices utilizing various protocols and methods. Experience handling integration projects is a must.