The relationship between a recruiter and a candidate is an important connection that brings career ambitions and job opportunities together. Drew Stone and Leah Brown’s journey began with a cold call, typical of the recruiter-candidate dynamic.

Brown, who was used to getting calls from recruiters often, felt that Stone’s way of doing things was pleasantly unique. He not only kept his promises by following up with her, but he also made sure she stayed informed every step of the way. Stone’s dedication to his work had a lasting impact on Brown, leading her to save his contact details in her phone, something she rarely did with recruiters since their interactions were usually short-lived.

According to Stone, Brown described her past roles with clarity, highlighting her ability to adapt and solve problems. Also, he quickly recognized Brown’s charming personality, “obviously her personality is great, you can tell that within the first five minutes of talking to her,” Stone said. Sentiments which he thought anyone that spoke to Brown would share.

Following Brown’s face-to-face interview, Stone recalls her excitement as she departed from the office, convinced that this would be the ideal opportunity. Stone thought that they would likely have to wait a weekend to find out if there would be an offer but before Brown was able to get out of her car, they had extended an offer. “Before I was even able to get to my destination, Drew called and said guess what! And I was over the moon!” Brown said.

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