Meet Lisa Albrecht, an extraordinary individual whose inspiring job journey will leave you feeling motivated. Before starting college, Albrecht worked at a small print shop and found a love for graphic design. Her newfound passion led her to Texas State University.

During college, Lisa studied graphic design as her major and mass communications as her minor. She was curious about different industries, so she worked at an ad agency and later at an alternative newspaper, which she found cool. Lisa also worked in design studios, where she mostly created annual reports for big companies. Her favorite part of the job was organizing financial data, like the 401K, and seeing everything come together. When she became a mother, she decided to take a break from her career and freelanced from home, thinking it would only be for a short time.

Twelve years later, the industry and her customers’ needs had evolved, and Lisa branched out into web design, marketing, and strategy. Her journey eventually led her to a fantastic opportunity at Shell, where she played a crucial role in building exciting products for marketing in North America. From there, Lisa moved to ExxonMobil, embarking on a decade-long journey in the oil and gas sector. At ExxonMobil, she was part of an innovative team working on business strategy with a human-centered approach, known as the design strategy team.

Later, Lisa transitioned to another large company, Oracle, after they acquired a small startup called NetSuite, renowned for its outstanding accounting software. Working on the NetSuite team, she contributed to reimagining accounting software, demonstrating her adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges.

Throughout her journey, Lisa seldom planned her next steps. Instead, she embraced opportunities that came her way. She found excitement in the unknown, always willing to learn and tackle new challenges. Albrecht’s story shows us that staying open to new experiences and always looking for chances can lead to a very rewarding and diverse career. Her journey reminds us that sometimes, the most thrilling paths are the ones we don’t foresee.

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