“We want the candidate to like the opportunity we’re trying to place them into,” Tom Flessor, COO Gentis Solutions, said.

Gentis candidates have the opportunity to share their experience and expertise with their own voice alongside using their resumé when looking for new opportunities.

Andy Ford was an accountant and wanted to move into another field because he didn’t feel fulfilled. He went through our video interview process, while he considered it unusual at first, it helped him find his new role as a product manager with one of our top clients and let his personality shine! “They were able to work with my individual situation…and made me way more comfortable with what I was doing!” Ford a couple hours after submitting his video interview was offered a job.

Vikram Bendapudi was looking for a human-based UX/UI designer position based on his philosophy of always wanting to solve problems for people. “You really came through,” Bendapudi said of Randi Brofft, Director of Sales at Gentis. They have developed a lasting, working relationship and keep in contact even today! “I will always appreciate you for that!”

Software developer, Brian Monaccio, did not feel like he had the right experience for the role his recruiter and advocate, Drew Stone, suggested to him. Stone reassured him that he was exactly what our client needed. In fact, he ended up with two offers from different teams from that company. “There have not been a lot of times where I felt in control of my career… Having two teams wanting me was a big boost to my confidence going into the job,” Monaccio said.

Monique Little and Junyi Peng share the same feelings about the people at Gentis where they developed lasting friendships with the people they have talked with and helped them find their positions!

“Gentis wasn’t just my recruiter or someone who placed me and dropped me. That’s when I realized I’m going to continue to talk to them, even after this,” Little said.

“Working with Gentis, you are not only working with a company,” Peng said, “you are working in a family!”

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