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Our tools provide our clients with a clean and simple Dashboard from which to see critical events and statistics in a snapshot view. Data presented on the Dashboard is tailored to the user. You can drag and arrange the widgets of data as you see fit. More and more widgets continue to be added to the suite of options.

A clean and simple UI with a responsive design scaling to all types of devices. Simple navigation icons on the left and across the top drive you to either Core Features (left) or Quick Actions (top).

Core Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Job Requisitions
  • Candidates
  • Time-sheets
  • Contacts
  • Companies

Quick Actions:

  • Alerts
  • Emails
  • Create
  • Search
  • Skill Matching

We have Compatibility with all modern browsers and mobile devices. Many other Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management Systems have lethargic clients that often do not operate on mobile devices, but if they do are often uncomfortable to use. Our tools work.

The application leverages email and in-app based alerts. The Bell icon keeps a running history of these alerts which allows access to the alert details.

Job Requisitions

The Job Requisition listing is a view into the Jobs you are allowed to work. The list can be filtered, sorted, or re-arranged in anyway you see fit. The list, like all lists in our applicant, can be exported via PDF or Excel. You can filter rows based on their headers and sort with a click.

Each Job Requisition can be expanded into its details. Once inside, you are greeted by cleanly organized sections of data: Timeline, Profile, Details, Description, Basic Info, Compensation, Contracts, and Requirements.

The Timeline bar at the top shows where this position is in the process of being filled. The middle contains the ‘meat’ of the requisition or text of the job description. The last of the sections is the Requirements section which aligns Skill into Required or Optional categories (Orange and Grey). Finally, the entire requisition can be extracted to a PDF for those of you that work with partner firms for a 1-click solution to sharing opportunities.

Adding Candidates - Submissions

Submitting candidate profiles to our tools is consistent for both internal recruiters and external partners alike. Click the Add Candidate button in the Job Requisition and once the candidate is added, the resume is parsed and simultaneously converted to PDF. The PDF conversion handles one of the more common ATS problems (i.e. parsing resumes complete often does not work).

The system allows you to track all the normal data elements, phones, address, social media, head-shots, etc. Users can track Candidates by status, update submission packages, and provide notes for consideration purposes. Based on the settings, you can also withdraw or alter the candidate submission rate.

Job Portal

Finally, our tools allow for a Public Job board for companies who want to handle their own solicitations. Posting a requestion to the public job board is as simple as clicking on the Publish button. The Candidates that apply will be placed into the same buckets and categorizations as an internal recruiter or partner vendor.