Compare the Options

Candidate Review

Once you have a good selection of Candidates to choose from, you can compare the skill scores, read the resumes, check the notes, and if you are a Gentis Solutions customer, review the Video Introductions of the candidates. This 360 degree view of your Candidates is not found in any other solutions. At approximately one to three minutes in length these “mini-screens” line up with the other assessment markers to drive stronger picks, fewer abandons, and better attrition.

Candidate Status

Changing the Candidate status, like changing to Job Requisition status, alters the Timeline and Summary boxes in the Job Requisition. In the below screenshot you can see Job Requisition is currently in the Interview stage. You can also see that the Job Requisition had 4 Applicants (from our Job Board), 25 Sourced (from our Vendor/Recruiting team), 19 Candidates were put into the Gentis Review category (our deeper dive stage), 8 made it to the Submissions stage, and finally 2 of were selected for face to face interviews with the Client.

Clicking on any of these Summary boxes will review links to the Candidates that are in that stage. Clicking on these links well take you to the Candidate details.

Changing Candidate status can be done in a variety of areas and is a simple drop down that can be done on an individual Candidate or multiple ones at a time.

Candidate Ranking

The system provides a number of ways to stack rank your candidates. We have already covered the system-based Skill matching scoring and the Interview committee scoring. The last option is the Candidate Quick Rating available on the cards. You can mark them Thumbs Up, Star, or Thumbs Down. These quick ratings then can be used to sort your candidate lists or cards and put the best of the best to the top of your work list.