Date: Thursday, February 9
Time: Lunch
Location: The G Lounge (Break Room)
Dress: Wear your favorite team's gear

Get in the spirit of the big game a little early and find that family recipe. You WILL want to cook your way to being the Gentis Super Chili Champion. You will not need to bring your own lunch you just need to get your tastebuds ready for a chili blitz.

Again, there will be a winner, so bring your A-game and let’s hope it’s worthy of being called Super.

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Chili Contest Entry Form

Example: 5-Alarm Chili
Example: Grandma's 5-Alarm Chili is hotter than Stacey's Mom. The Texas style chili is made with beef, a secret blend of spices, and while you might not be able to tell a variety of vegetables. Best if you top it with a few tortilla strips, shredded cheddar, and a dollop of Sour Cream.