Phone interviews can provide you with an efficient way to screen candidates. Done right, interviewing candidates over the phone can save both you and the job seeker time. You can learn quite a bit during a quick 15 to 30-minute phone conversation. To make certain that you invite the right people in for an in-person interview, consider including these questions in your initial phone interview.

Best Phone Interview Questions to Ask Candidates:

Suggestions For The Best Phone Interview Questions

If you plan for a relatively quick phone interview, you should still have time to cover these basic areas.

Introduction To The Candidate

You might start off easy with some questions that will help you understand how well the candidate will fit into your company and your position.

* Would you tell me about your background?
* What motivated you to seek a new job?
* When would you like to start the new position?

Feel Out Salary Expectations

Of course, you’ll want to know if the job seeker will be satisfied with the sort of salary offer that you’re prepared to make.

* What’s your current salary?
* What salary did you have in mind for this new job?
* Do you place particular importance upon certain benefits?

Learn How Important This Job Is To The Candidate

Naturally, you will want to find candidates who are eager to work for your company and in the position that you may offer them. Some of these questions can also help you figure out if the job seeker took the time to research your business and industry.

* What motivated you to apply for this job posting?
* Why do you have an interest in working for this company?
* Do you have questions about our company or this position?
* Have you had any prior experience with this company or any similar ones?

Clarify Points On The Candidate’s Resume

Hopefully, you took some time to scan the candidate’s cover letter, resume, and application before the phone interview. This is the time to clarify any points you may not have fully understood.

If you noticed any potential red flags, this is also a good time to let the candidate explain them. You may or may not ask some of these questions, based upon what you find on the resume.

* Can you explain gaps between work or school?
* How did a particular experience help qualify you for this new position?
* Why do you think you will benefit this department or team?

Tips To Enhance Feedback From Your Phone Interview Questions

Naturally, you will have an interest in the answers to the questions and probably want to take notes. In addition, you should listen for the tone of voice and the way that he or she organizes their answers. You might forgive young and inexperienced job seekers for sounding a little nervous during the interview. At the same time, you will want to favor people who sound enthusiastic and positive.

Remember that your job seekers will evaluate you while you’re evaluating them. Remain polite and patient, even if you’ve got a lot of other tasks on your schedule that day. If that particular person doesn’t come to work for your company, you will want to do your best to leave them with a positive impression.

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