Audit the Results


Without measurement, you cannot improve. Our software embraces this mantra from the ground up, offering both canned reports, exportable grids, and leading edge Key Performance Indicators.

Vendor Scorecard

For those of you looking to deploy a VMS solution, we have created a number of scorecards for our clients which make managing your program easy. One example is the Vendor Scorecard. In this report, we bring all the various data from inside the system together to weigh Vendors by Month, Quarter, or Year, and against one other. Key measurements are defined by our clients as:

  • Pricing – How does this vendors pricing match up against his peers on this job or against history?
  • Incidents – A defined list of policy violations by the vendor.
  • Satisfaction – What are the managers saying about their Placements?
  • Attrition – Are they losing consultants faster than they place them?
  • Scale – How much volume can they handle? Do they cherry pick Requisitions?

Historical Reporting

Some companies invest in Vendor Management Systems for compliance, others due to volume needs, and of course everyone wants to save a buck or two. Our system provides the data necessary to quickly review and simply your program performance both at a glance and over time.