Originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, Connor Moore joined Gentis as a member of the video team and has served many roles during his tenure at the company.

Now a member of the marketing team, Connor works on digital products and has a strong interest in IT. However, his journey with Gentis also included a stop on the recruiting team.

“I just feel really supported, honestly, and I think that’s what drives me to come in everyday,” Moore said.

The Vikings fan also has a familial connection, a common trait amongst Gentis teammates, his uncle is the founder and CEO.

“Overtime I’ve gotten to know him a little better, especially once I moved down here (Cincinnati, OH),” Moore said. “Sometimes he’s a little sarcastic, but I still love him.”

Before joining Gentis more than two years ago, Moore worked in the hospitality industry at Good Sense, a sandwich shop, for nearly 5-years. Starting there at the age of 14.

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